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About Us

One warm, fateful, August night, Nina and Catie crossed paths outside of a Kendrick Lamar concert and the fantastically serendipitous powers of the Kendrick Gods have been working their magic ever since!  Between exploring the intersection points between their folk/soul/brazilian/reggae musical influences, their individual commitment to social activism, and their personal quest to discover what 'unconditional understanding' really looks like, Nina + Catie bring more than just music to the stage.  They have been sharing covers (yes, Drake) and original songs for groups around the Bay Area, creating spaces for people to connect to their hearts, sing along and feel the oneness.  And this year, they'd love to sprinkle good vibes all over your holiday party.

Who's Nina?

Nina is a San Francisco based singer, songwriter and recording artist committed to creating music with conscious, love-centric messages.  Her mantra for creation is "Uplift, Unite & Inspire", and her vision of a world unified through compassion and empowerment serves as her compass.  

With a background in marketing and a passion for studying humanity's great teachers, Nina strives to find the intersection points between entertainment and enlightenment.  She believes humanity is at a critical point in history where we are being called to evolve, both spiritually and emotionally.  This belief fuels Nina's dedication to spreading ideas through music that create 'win-win' scenarios for all, and thus, evolve our collective consciousness from duality into oneness.

Who's Catie?

Catie Cain is a lifelong rhythm lover. She finds inspiration in her Colombian roots, regularly obsessing over salsa hits. She grooves to the likes of Kaytranada and is a huge fan of Kendrick Lamar. She sees music making as a space for peace and high vibrations and believes it has the capacity to transform communities.

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