I know it can be scary to share your singing voice, to get put on the spot and asked to sing in front of people, to risk ‘not sounding good’ and ‘messing up’. I get it.

Trust me, I so get it.

Let’s say for a minute though, that we dropped the whole idea of ‘performing for people’ and focused on the actual ‘singing’ part? What would be left?

Here’s the deal: I whole-heartedly believe that singing and music-making has a deeply healing and cathartic role to play in our lives. The psychological benefits alone are staggering. When we move out of the ‘what do other people think of me’ mind-space and step into the ‘what am I feeling in this moment’ heart-space, a whole new world opens up for us vocally. And, quite ironically, once we locate and sing from this space within, people naturally become drawn to the sound of our song. Because it’s real.

At the core of it, the act of singing is about YOU. It’s about what is asking to come through you, in order to HEAL, UPLIFT, and CONNECT you with the current of LIFE!



The process

“If other people start listening to me sing, cool! If not, cool!”

Before we start figuring out how to get you on-stage in front of a crowd, we’re gonna get you curious and comfortable with the act of singing FOR YOURSELF. We’re gonna get intimate with that power existing deep within you, wanting to emerge through song. We’re going to dive in and uncover what is waiting to be expressed within you.

Some questions we’ll explore:

  • Where on Earth do you feel the most free?

  • What issues do you care deeply about?

  • How do you define Love?

  • What songs did you love as a kid, teenager, now?

We’re going to strengthen the connection to your Truth, the Source of your voice.

From there, we will sing.

The results

“Singing is a gift you get to give yourself.”

During our sessions together, we will unlock that singing treasure chest within you! Unlike any material treasure though, this treasure will become more refined, vibrant and beautiful over time. This treasure can never be taken from you, yet you can take it anywhere. This treasure will decorate your lifetime with moments of deep joy, insight, play and freedom.

Once you find joy in the process, sharing your voice with others becomes a much more







If your body is saying “YES!” to working together, send me a message and let’s make it happen!

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